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  1. Here are some thoughts:
    ▪︎ Estimating software development is a waste of time – a waste for whom? Developers possibly, but those paying the salaries of developers, expecting some value to appear in exchange for that cost likley have a business need to know something about cost and when that value might appear.

    ▪︎ Estimates are generally wrong and management holds the team accountable for them – estimates have precision and accuracy. “Wrong” is only that case when the needed precision and accuracy are not defined before the estimating process starts. Management has an expectation that those contributing to the estimate are sufficiently knowledgeable of the work to provide an estimate that can meet the needed precision and accuracy, or make it clear that they are not capable of producing an estimate with these attributes. Management expects this information be conveyed in a professional manner.

    In the absence of skill, expecience, information, and tools, developers will have a hard time providing the needed information to management. Find the Root Cause of this condition and work on improving it.

    Then the benefits of estimates you state will start to appear, and it will be a win-win situation.

    All project work operates in the presence of uncertainty. Reducible uncertainty and irreducible uncertainty. Making decisions in the presence of these uncertainties requires making estimates

    Uncertainty creates risk.

    As Tim Lister advises us – “Risk Management is How Adults Manage Projects.”

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