Avoding distractions in Scrum Teams

Every team has its own distractions but to deliver robust application the team needs to focus on sprint tasks and avoid distractions. I had a major challenge with one of my team where over 50 % off the team members were internally recruited, and they were alway getting distracted by their old team members by asking for help and questions. This became a serious issue where we were all sitting in an open floor office.

The way we (as a team) choose to avoid distraction were:
1: Close Emails and only check emails at the set time.
2: working on 1 item at any given time
3: close your office messenger
4: Use POMODORO focus technique:
5: on regular basis work from meeting rooms. – Book a meeting room, and the whole team works from the conference room.
6: on a regular basis, the entire team works from different locations (The company had over five office locations within one city so something very easy for us to do)

Also as Scrum master, I stopped people coming over and talking nicely in following way:
1: when someone is approaching your team I would intercede the person in their way and stop them reach the member of the staff and head them back off.
2: Put an obstacle in the way with a big sign saying do not distribute.
3: If you find that any person who was distracting my team on a regular basis, I would take the person for a coffee and nicely tell them to back off.

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