1. Sunshine

    Hallo Mohammad,

    Thank you so much for the article. I just started my career as Scrum master one month back. Before i joined the team was reorganized into two teams. First group is productive programmers and the second one is unproductive, lazy and totally negative ones with whom nobody else want to work with. so my question is how can i drive this second team ? can you please put some light into this issue ?

    • Mohammad Aziz

      What I might suggest you do is to run a retrospective focusing on the positives of being in the team.

      Get everyone to write point what makes being part of the (second) team great.

      The second team members will need to feel appreciated before you start to see difference in them.

  2. Aaron

    Hello Mohammad,

    I have a very dominating type of BA in the team who likes to drive everything on her own. She wants to drive the tab and doesn’t listen to me in sprint refinements and other sessions . I’m a new scrum master and I’m really struggling. Any advice ?

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